The American Dream – Part 1 – Qualitative Analysis

By: Heero Yuy

This post is taken directly from my post on WallStreet Oasis discussing the fading of the American Dream.


This is a very deep topic of discussion for me as I am a first generation immigrant and a Veteran (US Navy). I will share two view points and see what others think.

  1. The Dream as per my family and myself
  2. Evolution of The Dream as a function of time

1.a) The American Dream as per my parents

Abstract: Stable life so that their children may have a fighting chance to chase the American Dream as per their children.

Background: My mom could have taken more riskier routes, like studying for the USMLE to be become a board certified Physician (She wanted to be OBGYN), but instead she opted to build and grow her career from her PhD. She is pretty successful now working as a Director and was previous a full tenured Professor. My Dad had to pivot as his degree became worthless here in the USA so he opted to get a Masters in IT. He left a very well respected Government position in China to become a housekeeper at a Hotel to make ends meet for the family.

Growing up, I was teased for being slightly below middle-class because that’s what bored children do and understandably their feeble minds couldn’t understand my world peering over from their white picket fences living a silver-spooned lifestyle. Good friends stuck around, bad acquaintances got dropped and ended up as shitheads in real life anyways later in life; go figure, sometimes being spoiled spoils a person.

Even in the sport of academics, having the proper and adequate resources at the necessary times makes or breaks your relative rank or success vs. your competitors. As mentioned before, if we played trading places I would have leveraged the resources found in more fortunate households above and beyond the average child could have ever done with them. Why? I’d be busy working or helping others and not teasing the less fortunate. Idle hand’s are the devil’s workshop and my definition of fun differs from theirs.

Parent’s American Dream: They wanted to get to middle class baseline and provide for their children (me and sibling). Taking unnecessary risks that could hinder or deviate from this goal is unacceptable. 1st Gen Parents value stability above all else.

1.b) My American Dream
Abstract: Work in progress. Dream big, do cool things. Military paid well and allowed me to serve my Country and hone in on my leadership skills. This allows me to take bigger risks to break out of the typical Middle-class life.

Background: If my parents busted their ass to get to this country after surviving Communism and the Cultural Revolution and all I end up Middle-class, which is no further than they got, then shame on me for being a worthless human being. The forefather of my current organization said it best: “I would rather earn 1% off a 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own efforts.” Calculated risks and applying leverage through leadership of an organization (Army of people or Fleet of Ships) is the only way to make it to the top.

My American Dream: Mentioned in the conclusion below.

2.a) Change of the American Dream through time
Change through Time: It wasn’t always so. My parents didn’t take risks but they imposed different end-game scenarios on myself and my sibling. As they grew and matured in their American journey, these end-game scenarios relaxed over-time and now have disappeared entirely. They now trust that the decisions we make is the best for us for the time being.

2.b) Motivations for this change
Why this occurs: Goals and visions are discovered through time with experience and self discovery. For instance, my concept of the American dream was first categorized as per job listings starting from Entry-level progressing to Senior positions, then it became a progression of pay from five to six figures (low to high six, etc), and now it has become absurd because I have more experience and knowledge and can leverage them to build teams and companies. I went from being a foot soldier to a leader and in my mind being a leader is where I belong.

Conclusion: I think it is wonderful to have a healthy debate about this topic and exchange ideas. Quite frankly nothing is right or wrong here as this is a game of perception where everyone can be right or wrong.

So long as you are true to yourself and add value to society in doing what you do then you are on the right path to success. For me, that’s the American Dream.

Don’t worry about journalists or historians telling your tales. No one ever had any fun while worrying about who’s looking over their shoulders! Enjoying myself and having fun are the only technical indicators I need for success.

Direction – The Lighthouse in a dark and foggy night

By: Heero Yuy


I thought it appropriate to start the first blog post with direction because without it we may be lost forever navigating in the vast oceans of life. Emphasis should be placed on direction and not solution(s) because life is ever evolving for the players, environment, or game itself. In mainstream media articles can be found written by gurus purporting “# Steps used by Successful People” or “XYZ Effective Ways of dealing with ABC.”

The issue with the general consumption of these articles is that the reader is lead to believe that all will be well after they’ve successfully implemented the prescribed plan of action and life will be peachy living it happily ever after. For many of us we know this is not true because the article is written in such a way to have renewed subscription for readership, mainly to generate ad revenue and/or sell products and services of the respective gurus, so as to lead the audience to chase endlessly for the carrot or the next carrot that will solve all their problems. It never will.

What if life was never meant to be “fixed” and we live constantly in a continuous battle daily with wars waged internally in our minds between positive and negative thoughts and externally through physical exertion or conflicts with outside forces? If this were true, then any solution we throw at the problem of life is simply a band-aid solution to an everlasting problem that is essentially unsolvable. For any one or groups of guru to prescribe a possible solution to an unsolvable problem would make them a genius or a pauper with no fan base. Life is hard and people have been trying to figure it out for thousands of years with limited success. How do I know this? Because men such as Voltaire and Leibniz came upon an idea of the “best of all possible worlds.” We aren’t in it because our society is still imperfect after all these iterations so therefore we really haven’t figured it out.

Direction is fundamentally different than solution(s) but has also possess similar qualities. Google Maps can provide you a list of directions with steps telling you when to turn and where to go in an orderly fashion. Google Maps can also re-direct you if you go off-course to go back onto the path of least time expended to get to your final destination. In this case, Google does the solution or thinking for you to get you back on course with a new set of directions. Solutions would be like using print-out directions from MapQuest (for those of us who still know what that is). A guru like MapQuest would tell you how to get from point A to point B with a set of instructions and wish you the best of luck. If for some reason you go off course in the days before Google Maps, TomTom, Garmin, or any other GPS tracking system you better hope you have a printed map of your current area. Claiming to be a solution without the appropriate thought process or heuristics to dynamically adjust course is driving blind. You will quickly get lost and eventually ask the locals for direction.

The poem “Invictus” by Henley below best describes the purpose of this site and the view on direction for life. This excerpt from Invictus best describes gaining that direction for life:

“I am the master of my fate,
I am the captain of my soul.”

Source: Invictus by William Ernest Henley (Poem)

I don’t have all the answers and my life is just as messed up as anyone else’s if not worse. Haha! Yes, I just laughed at that statement because laughter is a great medicine for a lot of ailments of the heart, mind, and soul. So, life isn’t perfect and there isn’t a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow if the rainbow exists in the first place. We won’t ever get that carrot at the end of the stick but are still told to run the race because that’s all we know. Anyone competent can wax philosophies about how messed up our world is and at the end still come away empty handed as if to shake ones fist and scream at the cloud filled night and stormy seas for not revealing the shining celestial salvation when your ship is rocked about in rough waters.

So what? With a strong sense that you are still the master of your own fate and captain of your own soul, as long as the ship weathers the storm you live to fight and navigate another day. That’s the beauty of having a sense of direction (vision, purpose, goals).

I’m here to share knowledge, stories, and wisdom so that others may also find their own sense of direction and sail to their respective peaceful shores. We collectively are lighthouses for each others lives in the journey of life. Through sharing experiences by storytelling we can act as guides to each other in the darkest of nights.

“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day.
Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”