Paradox of Worshiping the Established – How Every Breakthrough in History was Unconventional!

By: Heero Yuy

One of the main failures of Paper Tigers is that they cannot think independently for themselves and worship Elitists. However, as history has it, every single breakthrough in human history has been made through unconventional discoveries which often if not always goes against the views of the establishment and Elitists!

Most want to worship current Elitists because…? Well, their friends, family, or those that they respect follow the crowd and therefore they feel compelled to join the movement without much thought. This is why History is so illustrious with examples of individuals who’ve started movements and rebellions.

The world is filled with examples of cycles where the current establishment, in thought, government, or enterprise are constantly turning over; out with the old and in with the new. Holding onto the past or present precludes the development of the future. What is may not be in the near or distant future. Yet, however, we still want to believe in the current popular mainly because we fail to use critical thinking to think slowly on each and every decision; thinking fast is much easier in comparison so we feel less compelled to use higher forms of the thinking process.

What’s most challenging is when you are the ugly duckling going against the crowd and standing alone with your beliefs. Only when you can endure all the ridicule, mockery, and being thrown various labels can you shut out all the outside distractions and focus on the only thing that matters which is the self.

For anyone who has made in the past did not do so by strictly adhering to tradition as they would have become an ancient artifact themselves collecting dust in some dark corner of a museum.

Paper Tiger Logic – Three (3) Reasons Why Highly Educated People are actually Stupid!

by: Heero Yuy

Preface: I’m going to rag on Asians, especially Chinese, because I can, it is a suitable stereotype, and because I am Asian and Chinese so I can do it as much as I like. Tough.

Educated people are the worst. According to the Father of Alternating Currents, Nikola Tesla, “Peace can only come as a natural consequence of universal enlightenment.” Erudite individuals often abuse their enlightened minds to persuade others into schemes for which they cannot comprehend in order to exercise confirmation bias to achieving one’s own agenda. These people indeed are the worst. While these individuals may be intelligent, they are exceeding dumb because they are not enlightened but just educated idiots.

Asians, especially Chinese, are some of the dumbest people I know. Forgive them because they know not what they do. Their parents told them stories of stories of people who are better than everyone else because of a lineage of Ancient and Wise philosophers from many Moons ago. If there is a thing of Generational Wealth, then it is safe to say that there is also something called Generational Wisdom. As Asians, we are blessed with Generational Wisdom because there were so many of us and we systematically survived a lot of iterations. Generational Wisdom can make people feel entitled to not DO anything because the previous Generations have done it all. Therefore, all one has to do is sit back and let the crowd of “wise” individuals validate a concept, idea, or person and then simply nod in agreement. (link to’s article on pitfalls of crowd-sourcing and bias from online reviews) Baring from fake news, deception, and other charlatan tactics, this might be the most effective way to save one’s effort and outsource thinking to the masses. But what if that weren’t the case at all? What if YOU had to think for once? Uhoh… Get ready, Paper Tigers, because you are in for a wild ride.

Everyone knows that Chinese are supremely Elitist and ostentatious when considered as whole; Ivy League Education, Employee or CEO/President/VP/etc of Major Companies, and iPhone using Louis Vuitton handbag carrying individuals. Asians also encourage their offsprings to think in this way and to disregard anyone who is substandard in comparison to their social caste as people who are “beneath” them are intrinsically a waste of time. By beneath I mean anyone who has:

  1. Lower Education
  2. Lower Networth
  3. Lower Social Status/Rank
  4. Lower Bling Bling (Cars, Yachts, Houses, Jets, Clothes, Materialism, etc)
  5. Lower or non-existent on the Forbes 100 List

Reason#1 – Need for Crowd Validation:

Let’s examine Alibaba’s Jack Ma. No one cares about Jack Ma before his company went IPO as indicated here:

But now Jack Ma is a household name. Before Jack Ma was successful he was hailed as a failure and now the media worships him like a hero. Quite the change!

When you ask Chinese what they think about Jack Ma before he is the man he is today they would be dismissive, reprehensive, or probably be glued to some Chinese-Drama on XYZ Channel without a care in the world. Now, when Jack Ma makes headlines, Chinese love him without question. Why? Jack was crowd validated and Forbe 100 certified. Without even looking up from their regular dose of Chinese-Drama, the answer, as per Generational Wisdom, is Jack is King. Easy, right? Wrong!

There are in fact hundreds of thousands of Jack Ma’s in the world, all equally hard working if not more so, all using the same if not similar techniques to tackle challenging problems, but only one Jack Ma made it and the rest are not THAT successful in comparison. Chinese glorify the story of the MOST successful while dismissing those of anyone “LESSER.” If the same message was said by Jack Ma and that of Jack Ma clones who didn’t make it, the Chinese will listen to the former and totally dismiss the latter and also remark that the latter is a complete loser and opinion irrelevant until they make something of their lives.

Reason #2: Worship Elitism and Fall to Pettiness:

This sure makes anyone preaching ANYTHING to the Chinese rather difficult under this philosophy of worshiping only the absolute top Elitists. Similarly, if this is applied to their own weaknesses, they would then become defensive and dismissive. Chinese are not particularly good at receiving it as much as they love dishing it out. For instance, one can argue that if the child were not successful then the parents are idiots and the grandparents are idiots as well, ad infinitum. Children who are clever can play this game with their parents and make them feel equally worthless under the Elitist system. If the child is not successful that means the parents could be better, the parents lack the resolve to improve themselves and therefore are not the most fit or Elite parents, and therefore unworthy to parent any kid let alone their own. If that were the case, then the parents need to find ways to hire other Elitist parents who are better than them and fall on their swords to save face because the child is ruined by lackluster environment and resources. No one wants to be told they suck themselves but the Chinese love to tell each other how much others suck. Ever wonder why a race of people never really got anywhere after thousands of years? It’s primarily because of this Generational Wisdom and maintaining this cancerous mentality of pettiness through thousands of years that leaves us with the righteous title of Chinese or Middle-Kingdom’s people or those that will never evolve to higher societies and will always be fending off surrounding Barbarians.

Why am I hating on Chinese so much? It illustrates my point and that the culture of Elitism is very much flawed. Natural learning that was supposed to happen to make people aware of the fact that they need to be more empathetic and sympathetic in understanding of others were silenced in favoring of blindly worshiping Elitists. If Jack Ma told everyone to jump off a cliff tomorrow then a lot of people will without question because it is Jack Ma, man!

Reason #3: Failure to actually be Educated:

Majority of Chinese interpret Education as a means of leveling up individual skills to get an ever higher paycheck in performing a high-skill based job and remaining pacified living a middle-class life. Education is for work only and work is for making a living. Education was supposed to be an enlightening experience to understand life better but many Chinese aren’t affording the luxury of understanding because they are too busy conforming to test taking and climbing the social status ladder. True understanding requires meditation for which is in short supply these days.

After exiting a rather dictatorial rule of Mao post Cultural Revolution, the Chinese mindset is that society and its systems are always right and the Government is absolute. Teachers and coaches have to be obeyed without question because they were appointed into those positions of authority by the Elitists due to their supreme qualifications and the system is supposed to work all the time without error. It’s a shame to have this mindset because the system in fact is flawed by construction and people who put people into positions most of the time do not have any clue what they are doing. That’s why mistakes happen, that’s why life is full of surprises.

It is much easier to have absolute belief and faith in the system without question and much harder to question everything and test ones understanding. Chinese love to do the former and fail often to do the latter. This is why they can be easily pre-suaded to buying dumb shit like Louis Vuitton bags and every edition of the Apple iPhone even though Huawei, Samsung, and LG make better phones at a lower price point and also run on a better platform called Android.

Paper Tigers are horrible creatures because they (1) live off of crowd validation, (2) worship elitism and at the same time fall to pettiness, and (3) lack a true understanding of education to think independently for themselves. Next time when you run into some “smart” Asian that says, “well, the Ancient Asian Philosopher said….” Hit them back with, “Well, what do YOU say?” They will try to cite a bunch of sources and use confirmation bias to bolster their original thesis, wait for this annoying display of “Education” to end, and then repeat once more, “That’s fantastic. Without citing references and quoting others, what do you genuinely feel about this issue or topic?” If you’ve always felt Asians were introverted and calm you will be in for a real treat as you witness full-on Paper Tiger Panic. Enjoy!

Is Stability an Illusion? Three (3) Ways to tell You have a Skewed Perception!

By: Heero Yuy

Is the above structure stable? This question can be answered in terms of equilibrium and not stability because it is in a state of unstable equilibrium as pictured below:

There are three (3) ways that someone can have a skewed perception on a subject matter:

  1. Ignorance of the problem at hand and how to correctly state it
  2. Making incorrect assumptions
  3. Utilizing incorrect perconceived notions and stereotypes

Skewness #1 was stated above when the problem wasn’t about stability or instability but the different classifications of equilibrium. The stack of rocks in the first picture is in a state of unstable equilibrium. The man sitting on the ice is in a state of stable equilibrium on a unstable surface (ice breaks, man falls in, man dies of hypothermia).

Skewness #2 Would be to make the assessment that all rock structures that resemble the diagram above and the first picture of the rocks to be in a state of unstable equilibrium. This is oversimplification because some of these rock structures might be glued together or bound by wire to resemble this state of unstable equilibrium. Without further assessment, one cannot draw the conclusion that any repeat of the above likeness is automatically unstable.

Skewness #3 For someone who hasn’t ever seen an unstable equilibrium, the above rock stack would be infeasible or appear as some form of magic trick. Those individuals who’ve never seen something new would utilize their own past experiences of stacking rocks themselves or seeing others, perhaps trying to create this unstable structure, failing at this and learned this endeavor to be fruitless. By their own admission, they know this to be ‘impossible’ so therefore anyone else who attempts them or they themselves attempting in the future will be met with failure. Perception of a successful attempt is outside their scope of understanding.

How this Applies to the Job Market

People incorrectly perceive stability in the job place with equilibrium. An efficient capital market takes no prisoners and leaves people behind who aren’t as competitive or hungry as their competitors. Therefore, the job market and the people in it are in a constant state of unstable equilibrium.

Companies comprise of people who work for the company who sell products or services. People are expendable and new people can be brought in to replenish the depleted workforce. The moment the product or service is useless to the market place and the company fails to prepare or pivot would spell doom for the company and all the people in it. Company and the workers in it are both expendable because other companies and workers can take their place.

A job can be of divided into the following four categories:

high work, high pay low work, high pay
high work, low pay low work, low pay

High work = Lots of work, Low the opposite
High pay = $$$$$, Low the opposite

Everyone wants the “low work, high pay” so that job is over subscribed (Lazy and entitled). Not many want to work a lot so “high work, high pay” is not as attractive and certainly no one wants to work a lot and get paid very little in “high work, low pay.” Finally, most people wouldn’t mind low pay for low responsibilities at work (Lazy and satisfied) which makes this category the second most coveted and over subscribed.

Low and High work jobs are equally at risk for automation irrespective of the resulting pay. “Low work, low pay” type jobs are a drag on HR resources and benefit packages. Since they are the most plentiful, they would be the first ones to go as the “high work, low pay” yields a better marginal gain for hour paid. Obviously, “high work, high pay” type jobs are typically too crucial to completely cut out, such as sales type roles, and the company would suffer financially if they replaced these jobs without much consideration. The next obvious category to dissect is “low work, high pay” as these are not as abundant but the largest saddle sore of the organization.

From the company’s standpoint, the most “stable” jobs are the most sought after and the ones that will be cut first! Are these then stable or unstable equilibriums for people to coast in what they perceive to be a stable job?

In any free capital market, those who bring the highest marginal yield are the most valuable members. Typically, these are classified as “high work” employees irrespective of their pay structure.

Since this is the case then your best bet is to work your butt off to escape the guillotine of automation while providing the company the highest yield per hour for your time at their office.

An incorrect understanding of the job market, free capital markets, and the utility of its workers can have serious consequences. Markets don’t function based on how people want them to work but how they actually work. Backtesting present job market opportunities based on previous market conditions for job seeking without actually seeing if there has been any changes in all of the aforementioned markets is catastrophic. The game is always changing, it has to in order to survive, and any misstep can cause irreversible consequences. Without proper education on how this game works and staying current with all markets, any investment strategies applied for yielding alpha (good job) would be met with failure.

Stable jobs do exist. They are called expendable overhead. Either way, working for a company or yourself requires a ton of work to stay ahead of the competition.

Welcome to Capitalism!