Fifth Dimensional Experience! – Thought(1) + Time(1) + Space(3) = Five (5) Dimensions – (11 min video)

By: Heero Yuy

  1. Einstein formalized the idea of thinking about Space-Time which is four dimensional idea with the x,y,z,t (Cartesian coordinates plus time being the 4th dimension)
  2. We physically live in this 4th dimensional world but we are given consciousness
  3. Because we are conscious, we can think and rationalize which means…
  4. We have access to a higher dimension, thought!
  5. Thought is the 5th dimension and action is us acting on these thoughts
  6. Lesson from a Math Professor, Dr.James E. Jamison (June 9, 1943 – November 28, 2014)
    1. Are ideas in Math original or pure inventions from our minds?
      1. Ideas are created VS
      2. Ideas are discovered

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