A Virtual Reality Journey – Contours of a Story applied! [VR 360] (1 min video)

By: Heero Yuy

I’ve decided to take the more from a pure written format to one that’s more engaging using more of the tools available to us, namely using Webcam and Samsung Gear 360 (Virtual Reality 360 degree camera).

Above is one of my first footages shot in [VR 360]. Please enjoy and let me know how I’ve led you through the contour of this particular one (1) minute story!

Viewing Instructions:

VR headset:

  1. Put on VR headset
  2. Watch the video

On Computer:

  1. Play the video
  2. Use mouse to navigate for VR experience

On Cellphone:

  1. Play the video
  2. Pan around by moving your cellphone around to get different angles
  3. Press pause at any time to freeze frame and observe your surroundings


Share the video with as many people as possible for a good laugh!!! 🙂

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