The Alien – An Extraterrestrial’s Perspective on Terrestrial Trivialities

By: Space Cowboy

On the left we have the Man of Steel, Superman, and on the right the Dark Knight of Gotham, Batman. Each are Aliens to each other as one is an extraterrestrial and the other human.

Once upon a time I was an alien to the USA, my ways were not their ways, and I had to adapt, learn, and slowly began to appreciate the new culture as I ceased to exercise majority of the old culture. We grow in habits and mind into any life of our choice and through conditioning and practice we become a person anew.

The feeling of being alien can also be experienced by those who are accustomed to any routine and learning to adapt and grow into a new set of routines. Military members transitioning out of service often can experience this sense of feeling like an alien again in their home country after being out of country for years. The transitioning phase constitutes a period where one has to relearn the old culture again after adopting new cultures and customs.

Getting good at any particular routine in life has its pros and cons. The better you get, the more effective you are, but at the same time the more you become extremely prone to prejudice and dismissive of other habits and routines. This is what happens to Elitists as they assume a very narrow view on life in favoring of living in a bubble and absorbing themselves in their own routines of day to day life.

These are still very terrestrial concerns in adopting to new lifestyle, geographic cultures, and daily habits. No matter how good things on Earth can be, there will always be greater elsewhere in the Universe. What if one were to adopt an even more alien approach in viewing life? Why not be an Alien for a day?

Thought Experiment:

  1. What if you could live a day thinking about how you would look at the Earth and its people if you ruled this Solar System?
  2. Would you have the same day-to-day worries as that of other mortals such as yourself and others in your life?
  3. Why would you ever shift back to being a human-being after gaining a more Universal perspective?
  4. What would it feel like if you can jump into higher dimensions and experience more more dimensions of sensory experience?

You will soon realize that the human body and mind is rather limited. We are also rather limited to behaving in petty ways because it is easy to be dragged into being more of a petty human than it is being a more superior extraterrestrial being.

On Earth they say that you can be understood by the five (5) closest friends to you. If your best five (5) friends were Aliens from other worlds, each possessing different and unique knowledge and experiences of the Universe, what would your life be like? The knowledge and wisdom gained from that experience can be extraordinary!

Examples to Think on:

  1. How would you describe the inside of a dog’s mouth of an Alien? (Feynman)
  2. Would what makes you feel happy make an Alien happy? Same for sadness?
  3. What is your highest achievement as a human-being and do you think this has any value to the Alien?
  4. What is the Alien’s highest level of achievement and can you comprehend why that achievement is so highly valued?

Above examples should give you an idea of the exercise. How you can think like an Alien from outside of our world and routines is up to you. Try daily to adopt a higher order perspective in the Universe and laugh at our current daily concerns and worries. Most likely the Alien doesn’t care.

Comic version of above Exercise:

  1. For a day, think like Superman as Bruce Wayne.
  2. For a day, think like Batman as Clark Kent.
  3. Rinse and repeat.

Participation or Collaboration is also another great way to cross over barriers and bridge gaps.

A friendly game of Basketball

See you in Space, Cowboy!

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