Gurus and Mentors – When to leave them and their advices behind

By: Heero Yuy



So… Here in my backyard guy Tai Lopez is pretty infamous on the internet for his “proven steps” on how to not be “materialistic” with his new Lambo because “knowledge” and “books” are so much better to get more “fuel units.” Don’t be a cynic! Listen to his marketing… right? (Don’t focus on these glaring facts, Tai markets himself as a wonderful guy!)

Without a level head and good judgement, how can a person discern good stuff from bullshit? Well, there is this one product I know that has been proven to be effective throughout all of time that solves this very problem! I can show you in three simple steps! No, I won’t. It doesn’t take three steps, it just takes one or actually none. It’s called critical thinking.

When something is too good to be true these days it usually is a scam. Your own ideas should hold their own weight without relying on heavy name dropping of others and credentialing to establish a rapport with the audience by earning their trust and respect. That’s of course assuming the audience is capable of critical thinking so that they may decide if you are legit. If the audience is gullible, well, then one can do anything they want and pre-suade (Book by Robert Cialdini: Pre-Suasion: A Revolutionary Way to Influence and Persuade!).

Gurus and mentors are like tour guides on a long and tedious journey of life. Where they stop at is the peak of their individual experiences and they can lead you to that very point and direct you to yet another person to go beyond this point. While any guru can imagine what it feels like to go beyond their level, they simply lack the experience necessary to guide you further because they don’t know how or where to go! What you can do is politely thank the mentor and guru for leading you up to this point, find your direction, and then trek onward with the next guru and mentor to reach that next milestone.

Asking a questions to someone who you know doesn’t know will not provide you an answer you can trust and act upon regardless of their experience. (Blind leading the blind)

A person who hasn’t pushed their limits of understanding through experience will not know more in due time. Asking a guru that same questions for which they don’t know and haven’t explored at a later date will still not produce a better answer! Use your own experience to guide you to the next set of teachers and keep trekking along to overcome the next obstacle. Think critically and self direct with inner intuition when all else fails.

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